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October, 10, 2013

Contact: Jessica Tramontana, 517-974-6302,

Progress Michigan Responds to Medicaid Expansion Funding Authorization Vote

Senate Republicans need to show who’s side they’re on: the Tea Party or working Michiganders

“Since they refused to do the right thing the first and second time around, the Senate will once again have to decide whether they stand with Tea Party extremists or working Michiganders,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Health care coverage for the state’s hundreds of thousands of uninsured workers has been hamstrung and half-passed by the Tea Party in the legislature and it’s time to end the antics. Senate Democrats gave the Republicans an out by suggesting ending the session early, which would have allowed for implementation before the January 1 deadline. But that option was ignored. It’s time for the Governor and the Senate to show some real leadership and get Medicaid expansion passed once and for all.”

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