Today, the Snyder administration announced they will hear objections raised over the bidding process to privatize Michigan’s food service program. The contract was awarded to Philadelphia-based Aramark.

In 2005, the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency settled with Aramark for $2.4 million in a dispute involving the company breaking the law to avoid paying unemployment insurance taxes.  Aramark’s cost-cutting practices have already led to a riot in a Kentucky prison.

Profiting Off Prisoners
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  1. I’m sorry but any one who thinks privatizing/out sourcing works is just BS,privatizing/out sourcing is all about having smaller less intrusive govt that doesn’t have the manpower or ability to watch over and regulate businesses such as the prison industry.Most people don’t have a clue that it’s the private prison industrial complex that pushes for harsher laws that hurt minorities the most because by keeping minorities in check especially in large urban settings where unemployment is high as crime goes hand in hand!!!!!!!! The same goes for Charter schools where the poorest of the children will be left behind all because they live in densely populated cities or in rural towns.We all now this is all about GREED and nothing more,it’s not about putting criminals behind bars for a few years only to be back in the system for lack of rehabilitation or an education before hand that can be the step that keeps kids and adults out of prison.

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