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Friday, August 2, 2013
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Attacks on wages, workplace protections the only true way for workers to chart their own extraordinary course in life

LANSING – The Michigan Freedom Front today announced continued efforts to build their team headed into the next election, boosting the campaign to empower workers by providing “air cover” for Republican politicians’ continued efforts to restrict abortion rights, force schools and churches to allow guns, and prevent local governments from passing any ordinances that aren’t pre-approved by corporations.

“We’re grateful for the support of the DeVos family, whose commitment to padding their own profits at the expense of Michigan’s working families is second to none,” said Michigan Freedom Front President Greg McNeilly. “Their support has been absolutely critical in building what we affectionately call ‘the Republican Progress Michigan’ into a full-fledged freedom-promoting machine.”

The Freedom Front is just one of the DeVos family’s many political pet projects, all of which are focused on freedom. Others include Justin Amash, who recently called for a universal abortion ban starting three days after conception, a 2000 statewide ballot initiative to erode tax support for community public schools that was overwhelmingly rejected by voters, and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, which was founded to lobby then-Gov. Engler to privatize the Michigan Accident Fund.

“It’s been fantastic to have a front-row seat to Michigan’s Comeback. Just last month, Michigan’s unemployment rate increased from 8.4 to 8.7 percent, granting many more workers the freedom to chart their own extraordinary course in life,” said Michigan Freedom Front Communications Director Gideon D’Assandro. “But there’s more work to be done – which is why I gave up my taxpayer-funded salary flacking for the Republican Party to come work for Michigan’s real Governor, Dick DeVos. Our priorities in 2013 include forcing state agencies to privatize important services, and further padding the profits of K12 Inc. and National Heritage Academies so they can funnel this cash back to the architects of Michigan’s Comeback.

The Michigan Freedom Front is a nonprofit organization solely funded by the DeVos family committed to promoting greater freedom for politicians and corporations to exert their political will in Michigan, while muddying the public discourse around important issues like workplace protections, minimum wage, supporting public education, and investing in infrastructure. To fight back, visit


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