Representative Lisa Lyons is at it again.

This time, she wants to change the Department of Education’s school ranking system to a letter-grade system. She says the color-coded system proposed is “ambiguous and unclear.”

It’s well past time for Rep. Lyons to practice what she preaches.  Rep. Lyons deserves a letter grade, and that’s an “F.”

Lyons hasn’t supported Michigan schools and that’s clearly demonstrated through her vote to give corporations big handouts while balancing the state’s budget on the backs of our kids. She also called teachers in Michigan hogs and pigs, drawing criticism from even her former high school teacher.

She frames it as her support for the children vs. the adults. Let’s cut to the chase, Rep. Lyons. It’s not about the kids, it’s about a relentless and misguided attack on working class families in Michigan.

Where was Lyons’ support for the children when she voted to cut funding for schools? Why is she earning a salary almost three times the average Michigander while enjoying her annual taxpayer funded summer vacation?

Lyons also claimed she was from a “strong union family,” yet introduced an amendment to so-called Right to Work law that would carve out an exemption for her husband at the Kent County Department of Corrections.

Not exactly a “proud union family” if you want to exempt your spouse.

Rep. Lyon’s blatant disregard for the plight of middle class families in our state is second to none – and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Or in Lyons’ case, good for the hog.


  1. We know her true thinking on the subject of schools and teachers. She told us in clear concise language. Teachers are pigs and need to be slaughtered. She’s a tea-bagger that doesn’t deserve much consideration from the middle class of this state. She tried to exempt her husband from rtw for less and claims she’s from a union family. Well she must dislike her family to damage them in this way. And speaking of grades – from my perspective she and her repub cronies in crime in Lansing deserve a failing grade when it comes to the middle class and working poor. But I will give her a passing grade when it comes to the concerns of snyder, devos, koch, and the lunatics at the mackinac center.

  2. It’s time to check little Lisa’s purse and bank accounts for funds from charter school CEOs, the Koch Brothers’ many front groups, and other various right-wing groups. She’s dirty and she needs to be replaced.

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