OohThatSmellCanYou250BlogCan’t you smell it? That’s the smell of “Skunk Works” being disinfected in Michigan’s hot spring sunshine. We were covered on TV and in the papers.

Last week, we made our way to the 2013 Mackinac Policy Conference with a skunk costume and a giant paper mache Rick Snyder head. Our mission was to let Michiganders know just how bad “Skunk Works” stinks by peacefully distributing fliers and air fresheners. In fact, we were even threatened with arrest under an unconstitutional Mackinac Island ordinance that bans leafleting.

We even caught a few of the lighter moments from Pepé Le Voucher and Rick Snyder’s Mackinac island vacation for you:

But what stunk at first is starting to smell even worse. As more details come to light about “Skunk Works,” it’s clear that we’re going to need some industrial strength disinfectant.

Your support will help us to shine a light on Snyder’s failed policies online and in the media. Can you help us shine a light on “Skunk Works” by contributing $25 to our efforts?

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