It’s the same old song with Lansing Republicans.

At their state convention this past weekend, the Michigan Republican Party voted resoundingly to support a scheme to rig Michigan’s electoral votes. ALEC member and head of the House Republicans’ 2012 campaign Rep. Pete Lund is spearheading the effort.

This scheme would have grafted Michigan’s gerrymandered congressional map onto presidential elections to give Mitt Romney more electoral votes than President Obama – even though Romney lost Michigan by nine points.

Michigan has voted for the Democratic nominee in every presidential election since 1988, so now Republicans are just trying to fix the system so their candidates win. If they’re successful, their scheme will subvert the will of the people by watering down certain votes and making Republican districts count for more.

This isn’t the first time Republicans in Lansing have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Speaker Jase Bolger is still under an active grand jury investigation for trying to rig a State House election in Grand Rapids.

It’s obvious Republicans in Lansing think they’re above the law. And if they don’t want to play by the rules, they simply rewrite the rules.

It’s clear what they’re up to, and it’s time to hold Lansing Republicans accountable. Sign our petition telling Governor Snyder to veto this shady election rigging scheme.

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