Rep. Tom McMillin (R-Rochester Hills) has some shocking views on homosexuality.

In a televised townhall, he publicly said he thinks being gay is optional. You can watch it for yourself here:

Fox 2 News Headlines

“Well, I think that the thousands of people that have been in that lifestyle and come out would say that it was their choice when they were in and came out of the lifestyle,” said Tom McMillin.

Even more disturbing?

He compared someone’s sexuality to a lifestyle choice, like smoking.

“I think that the people who are caught up in the homosexual lifestyle need help,” said McMillin. “We encourage people to stop smoking. This resolution is the same sort of thing.”

Wait a minute. According to McMillin, choosing to consume a habit forming-narcotic is somehow the same as being gay?

It’s not.

People don’t have a choice over their sexuality, but they do have a choice over their elected officials. Tell Representative McMillin his statements are not OK, and to stop being a bully.

Send him an email here:


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