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Wednesday, July 25, 2012
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10,000 citizens sign petition calling on Bolger to resign as Speaker

LANSING – An effort calling on Rep. Jase Bolger to step down as Speaker of the House is gaining momentum today, after new text messages and emails about the election fraud scheme were published in the Detroit Free Press. One text message from Schmidt’s nephew urges the fake Democratic candidate, Matt Mojzak, not to take a plea deal because, “obviously my uncle is dirty as hell,” and “hes got a lot of powerful ppl behind him.” Progress Michigan and We Are the People announced that over 10,000 Michigan citizens have signed a petition calling on Bolger to resign as Speaker.
“It’s time for Jase Bolger and Roy Schmidt to do the right thing and step down,” said Zack Pohl, Executive Director of Progress Michigan. “Their plot to intentionally rig an election in Schmidt’s favor is appalling. Michigan needs leaders who are focused on investing in education and protecting the middle class, not plotting to commit election fraud on the taxpayer’s dime. Secretary of State Ruth Johnson needs to thoroughly investigate this scheme and hold Bolger and Schmidt accountable for clear campaign finance violations.”
Today’s Free Press story also included emails from Secretary of State outreach coordinator Kristi Dougan, who said she “just listened to a voice mail from one of the ‘brains’ behind this issue” and she “can’t wait to hear what he ‘needs from me.’” Dougan also followed up with a second e-mail that read, “I can pretty much guarantee it is shady because I know the players involved.”
“When this scandal first broke, Jase Bolger said ‘nobody’ was asking him to resign,” said Todd Cook, director of We Are the People Michigan a statewide coalition of seniors, students and working families.  “I hope he doesn’t  consider 10,000 citizens from all across the state to be ‘nobodies.’ His attempt to defraud voters and manipulate the democratic process is more than an embarrassment; it means he no longer has the credibility to hold a top leadership post. It’s time for Bolger to go.”
Also today, the conservative Adrian Daily Telegram wrote an editorial saying, “given that the speaker helps represent the entire state, we think it’s necessary that Bolger shows leadership by stepping aside immediately as speaker of the House.”
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