The Republicans in the state of Michigan have openly declared war on middle class families, the poor, seniors and students.

So it should come as no surprise that they’ve expanded their attacks to women.

A massive 60-page omnibus bill introduced last week drastically limits women’s health access, and could shut down every abortion provider in the state.

The bill was voted out of committee yesterday, and even though 90 doctors and health officials showed up to the Health Policy Committee to testify against the legislation, they were shut down by the Committee Chair Gail Haines (R-Waterford). Some health officials were allowed to ask questions of the Republican committee members – specifically about the potential implications of this legislation –  but none of the Republican members were able to answer questions about the dire consequences for women if this legislation passes.

Even more alarming than the ignorance of the bill’s proponents, is the radical criminalization of abortion. This bill glosses over exceptions for abortions like in the instance of rape victims, the health of the mother, or in case of a severe fetal anomaly. Abortion centers would also be required to comply with the surgical requirements of hospitals, even when the centers don’t perform surgeries. This is a political maneuver aimed at shutting down all clinics in the state.

I’m a new mother and there is nothing I love more than my daughter.

But the road for us to having a child wasn’t always easy. I had two miscarriages, and one was at almost 14 weeks. It was heartbreaking, and there was nothing more I wanted than a healthy baby to be carried to term. However, because I was beyond my first trimester – and even though the baby had died – the procedure to remove the baby was technically considered an “abortion.” My heart sank when I saw that word on my hospital discharge papers, because there was nothing more that I wanted than to start a family.

I know what it’s like to lose a baby and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  If a bill like this passes and I was several weeks further along in my pregnancy, I wouldn’t be able to have the necessary procedure to remove that baby. I would have to wait week after week in agony, and potentially deliver a stillborn.

It shouldn’t be up to Republican politicians what I do when it comes to my health.

Losing a baby was the most gut-wrenching and emotionally draining procedure I have ever been through in my life.  No woman should have to endure that pain … especially not at the hands of the party that claims to be for small government, personal responsibility and freedom. And no woman’s family, health or future should be decided by anyone other than herself.

Tomorrow, Michigan’s House of Representatives will vote on a slate of bills – House Bills 5711, 5712, and 5713 – being forced through by Michigan Republicans that would have a devastating impact on women’s reproductive health and access to abortion services in the state. Show your support by attending the protest.

Can’t make it there but want to show your solidarity? For individuals and organizations: change your Facebook profile picture to this (right click & “Save as” to download) and cover photo to this (right click & “Save as” to download). It will look like this when you’re done:


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