National Women’s Health Week is an opportunity to encourage women to make their health a top priority and empower women by giving them the tools they need to take control over their own healthcare and family planning decisions. We all have a role to play in women’s health. Together, we can help the women we know take steps for longer, healthier, and happier lives. 

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, women of all ages now have greater choice and better control over their own healthcare. The new law means no or low-cost preventive services, including mammograms and cancer screenings. This year, we have so much to celebrate on National Women’s Health Week in terms of great strides in women’s health and access to healthcare. As we celebrate National Women’s Health Week, it is clear that healthcare works—and we must protect the care of women from political games that will take away their benefits.

National Women’s Health Week brings together women, health care providers, and all Americans who save on healthcare costs when women stay healthy to celebrate the many ways in which the Affordable Care Act is working for women.

Will you help us by writing a letter to the editor about the importance of preserving these benefits?

Should any or all of the law be repealed or rolled back, millions of American consumers—men and women—will lose critical healthcare benefits. So much is at stake right now, as political interests try to take healthcare coverage away from people. What happens to the mother of two with breast cancer who now has access to chemotherapy because of the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan? What happens to the recent college graduate who can only afford to be insured because she can stay on her parents’ health insurance? And what happens to the grandmother who relies on the Affordable Care Act for her annual mammogram and cervical cancer screenings? What happens to the millions of women who are benefiting from the law and receiving critical care if the law is rolled back? We cannot leave these women at the mercy of the insurance companies.

Write a letter to the editor today!

Together we can make a difference for the millions of American men and women who are already benefitting from the ACA and for those who will see benefits as the law is fully implemented in 2014.

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