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Thursday, May 17, 2012
Contact: David Hecker, (313)

“This so-called retirement ‘reform’ package is more bad news for Michigan’s public school retirees and future hires, denying them a secure retirement,” said David Hecker, AFT Michigan president. “First Lansing politicians created an unfair pension tax, and now they want to double the cost of retiree health care. They also want to slap all new hires with a defined contribution plan. Their goal was to reduce the rate charged to employers, but this bill would reduce employee benefits and increase employer costs. According to the Office of Retirement Services, the first year cost of conversion would be $400 million, with a projected cost of $1.4 billion over 6 years. It’s time Lansing politicians go to work protecting middle class families instead of attacking the women and men who educate our children.”


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