The following post was written by the newest member of our team, Communications Director Jessica Tramontana.

The news media worked itself into a frenzy last week, after a Florida blog speculated that Mitt Romney may be considering Gov. Rick Snyder as a candidate for for Vice President.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane.

Nobody really knew that much about the nerd when he was elected in November, 2010. The seemingly soft-spoken businessman discussed “shared sacrifice” and job creation as priorities – but his promises have fallen short for too many Michigan residents since taking office. 

Of course, now we all know the only  “sacrifice” Gov. Snyder had in mind came at the expense of Michigan’s students, seniors, and middle class families.

A sweeping $1.8 billion tax cut for corporate CEOs was paid for by slashing $1 billion from K-12 schools, and imposing $343 million in new taxes on seniors’ pensions.

The only job creation Michigan has seen since Snyder took office is a result of the dramatic comeback of the auto industry – thanks to the rescue plan that was opposed by Mitt Romney.

A major shortcoming of Snyder’s plan to give handouts to big corporations was that there were no claw backs in the legislation for job creation. That means there is no guarantee of a single job being created. Businesses were simply given a handout, with nothing more than a wish and a dream from the Snyder administration. They got money with no strings attached, and the only place that money is going is lining the pockets of greedy CEOs.

Nobody knows if Mitt Romney is seriously considering Rick Snyder as his running mate or not, but one thing’s for sure – when it comes to putting corporate CEOs ahead of our students, seniors, and workers, Romney and Snyder sure have a lot in common.


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