Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Drive Targeting Opposition To Auto Rescue That Saved Michigan

LANSING, MI—Citizens group Progress Michigan today unveiled a new grassroots campaign aimed at Mitt Romney’s opposition to the successful rescue of the Michigan auto industry.  The campaign features a new online video, website, petition drive and stickers with the “Let Romney Go Bankrupt” message.
“When Michigan was on the brink, Mitt Romney threw us under the bus.  To this day he stands by a position that industry experts have described as reckless, dishonest and is dangerous,” said David Holtz, Executive Director of Progress Michigan. “It’s extremely important that while Michigan is the focus of national attention, we send a strong message that rejects the dangerous Romney auto policy and says loudly and clearly that Michigan’s auto industry counts.”
The short video recalls Romney’s 2008 wildly inaccurate prediction that the auto rescue would mean the end of the auto industry and documents the industry’s comeback in brief snippets while inviting viewers to go to where they can sign a petition to Romney, view the video and get a sticker. The campaign’s name was taken from an op-ed by former Gov. Jennifer Granholm last year that challenged Romney’s position on the rescue issue.  As recently as this week, Romney has defended his opposition to the auto rescue in an opinion piece and while campaigning in Michigan.
“We will be aggressively promoting Let Romney Go Bankrupt until we are sure he and others get the message that it’s Romney’s ideas about the auto industry that should go bankrupt, not Detroit,” said Holtz.


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