Today is the day. Mitt Romney will face Michigan voters on the heels of news that the Detroit automakers he wanted to go bankrupt are now selling so many cars they’re racing to keep up. According to the latest polls, 63 percent of registered voters in Michigan and 56 percent of Americans think the auto industry rescue was the right thing to do. Mitt Romney is hoping we’ll forget.

But we haven’t. Last week, with your support we made sure Mitt Romney heard the roar of Michigan’s engines with a giant, mobile billboard, an event in Detroit, and Let Romney Go Bankrupt bumper stickers to put on your car. But we still need your help. Donate $3 for your personal Let Romney Go Bankrupt bumper sticker and we’ll mail it to you immediately.


When the polls close today, remember this: When the U.S. auto industry was teetering on the brink, Romney wanted to let Detroit go bankrupt. If Mitt Romney had his way, GM wouldn’t be posting its highest profits ever, and tens of thousands of Michiganders and 1.14 million Americans would be out of work.

We were in Detroit last week, and with your support our efforts were covered in newspapers and on national TV. But we can still do more: Let Mitt hear the roar of our engines and know that working Michiganders won’t forget his hypocrisy anytime soon.

P.S. We’re including a Storify of our favorite Let Romney Go Bankrupt stories and election related news for your viewing pleasure:

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