(Marcie is a guest blogger for Progress Michigan and a Flint resident.)

There’s a battle that needs to be won in Michigan’s 51st District. This battle doesn’t just affect the constituents of the district, but people throughout the state. Voters are being told that the recall of State Representative Paul Scott (R-Grand Blanc) is motivated by “greedy teachers.” 

This is definitely not the case. While I am not a resident of the district, I have been profoundly affected by Rep. Scott’s attempts to “balance” the budget through taxation and educational legislation. I am a college student who saw her tuition raised and is facing even more financial stress. I am a single mother who expects to see a much lower tax credit despite working and already barely being able to cover my family’s needs. My son is 5 years old and in kindergarten. His school district is looking at a cut of $3,000,000 due to legislation that Paul Scott helped push through. My son’s class holds 24 students with one teacher despite state laws requiring one caregiver for every 18 school-aged students in a daycare. 

While defending his legislative atrocities, Rep. Scott has actively attacked teachers as being “greedy” and “selfish.” Rep. Scott makes more than two times as much as a teacher with a Master’s degree and three years of experience, has more time off with the House usually in session three days a week (not to mention vacation time), and is not nearly as effective at shaping our children’s futures as teachers are daily. 

He has launched an assault on working class families statewide. Help the 51st District in this recall election November 8th by calling Shawn Dhanak at 517-449-0402 to find out how you can get involved.

In Solidarity,

Marcie Hemgesberg 

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