With Michigan already facing a $1.8 billion budget hole (and GOP leaders hell-bent on closing the gap by cutting public worker salaries), it would seem logical to not dig a deeper hole.

Logic. Bwaaahhahahaa.

Throwing caution, fiscal responsibility, and even concern for the citizens of Michigan they’re allegedly representing, the Senate GOP today unveiled the contents of SB0001 – the first bill introduced by the Senate in this legislative session and, as MIRS points out, traditionally emblematic of the majority party’s highest priority. Sen. Dave Hildenbrand is sponsoring the bill, which would repeal the Michigan Business Tax and replace it with…nothing.

From the MIRS newsletter breaking news report:

Hildenbrand acknowledged to MIRS that his bill will blow about a $2.2 billion hole in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 budget — which already is $1.8 billion in the red — but he said the Senate will be working on a new business tax structure more favorable to job creators.

“Obviously, some people are saying we’re creating a huge hole in the budget,” he said. “I recognize that; I’m not hiding from that. . . . But I’m saying we have less money to provide services for state government. Gov. (Rick) SNYDER has said we need to retool and reinvent state government. So maybe we don’t need as much money as we did in the past.”

Again, logic. Yesterday, a good friend suggested children learn logic in elementary school, so that when they grow up, they can instantly recognize bs and logical fallacies.

Let’s see if we can get this right.

1. We don’t have enough money to provide the basic services to communities and citizens, such as road repair and police and fire protection.

2. Since we don’t have enough money to provide those basic needs, that means we are providing fewer basic services.

3. We are providing fewer basic services, therefore we need less basic services.

4. If we need less basic services, we don’t need as much revenue to provide them.

5. If we don’t need so much revenue, we have extra money.

6. Since we have extra money, we should cut taxes for businesses.

I didn’t take logic, but I’ve got top-notch bull$*#! detection skills. And Hildenbrand’s justification for doubling the size of our deficit stinks.

There’s no doubt that Michigan needs to create a climate where small businesses can thrive and grow. But repealing the MBT won’t do that – repealing the MBT only helps Wall Street corporations that do business here, but don’t locate in Michigan or hire Michiganders.

Why is the Senate GOP willing to double our deficit for Wall Street instead of figuring out how to help small businesses succeed? What happened to all the talk about Main Street – did it just evaporate on Nov. 3?

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