1123-fist_blog.jpgHow many kids have to die before the Michigan Senate decides
enough is enough?  Every time I read
about another high school student who was bullied enough to take their own
life, I have to wonder what our supposed leaders at the Capitol are thinking. 

It has been almost a decade since Kevin Epling’s son, Matt,
committed suicide after being bullied. 
Kevin has not given up yet even though, year after year, the Michigan
legislature fails to pass a bill that would protect kids like his son. 

When I first heard about the bill, before I knew the
details, I thought to myself “Really? 
How are you going to STOP bullying? 
I was bullied as a kid; everyone has a bully in their life.” Then I
found out the facts and realized that most kids don’t have the administration
that I had at my Catholic grade school and high school. 

So, I’m writing this today because I think the real bullies
need to be identified here… it’s the Michigan Senators who have stood in the
way for so long.  The legislators who
refuse to allow a vote for Matt’s
or those who have repeatedly voted to not pass this law, which would
protect children. Maybe they were the bullies in high school too? Maybe they
were bullied in high school and this is their way at getting back.  I don’t know; what I do know is, I’m
seriously pissed off that anyone would stand in the way of protecting our kids
in Michigan and it’s time to do something about it.

First, read this story, which got me fired up once
again.  Second, call your Senator and ask
them how many children need to be bullied before they take this issue
seriously.  Third, tell them you are
standing up for the children they have not protected thus far and demand they
vote for Matt’s Law.    

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