Over the past few months, you’ve probably been bombarded with messages about voting. Perhaps some have even come from Progress Michigan. Obviously, we believe that voting is important – your vote is your voice in the dialog about the future of our state.

You wouldn’t enter an important roundtable without arming yourself with information, and you shouldn’t vote without it, either. One way to do that is by knowing which candidates are supported by the organizations who work on the issues you care about.

So we worked with Michigan’s leading progressive organizations to produce a 2010 Michigan Voter Guide. We think of it as one-stop shopping for highly informed recommendations about the races on your ballot, making it easier than ever to make smart, informed choices based on progressive values.

If you’re not yet convinced that voting in this election is important, check out our video. People who believe in progress need to turn out in force, because the people who don’t will be, too:

Worried about forgetting to vote? Text "wedecide2010" to 30644 and we’ll send you a text message reminder! Follow that up with your address and we’ll send back your polling location!

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