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When Doc Holliday said it (famously, at least to me, in the movie Tombstone, when the outlaw is deputized by Wyatt Earp) he said it with full recognition of the lie he was perpetuating. Doc Holliday, the smooth Southern killer, was not a man who believed in the law. He spent his entire life undermining it, and even in that moment, was doing it again.

But that doesn’t happen with guys like Joe Miller, the Republican nominee an Alaskan Senate seat. He’s backed by Sarah Palin, if that helps out.

Joe is just a straight up hypocrite. He thinks unemployment insurance is unconstitutional, like his Tea Party ilk who are somehow masters of the Constitution (but not basic grammar and spelling) and who also complain about government waste and point out unemployment benefits as a prime example.

But…wait. What’s this?

Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller admitted Monday that his wife had received unemployment benefits in 2002 after she left a job serving as his aide.

Awesome. So those charges of “Chicago-style” politics (FYI, there’s Chicago style grammar and citation, Tea Party, look into it) and government waste and nepotism and favoritism and…wow. It turns out that Joe “So As I Say, Not As I Do” MIller hired his wife, then authorized the disbursal of unconstitutional unemployment benefits to her when she no longer worked for him.

You stay classy, Tea Party. And you, Joe Miller, you just keep on keeping on, son

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