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Plan will boost renewable energy standard to 30 percent by 2025

LANSINGReEnergize Michigan! today applauded Michigan legislators for introducing a plan that would ramp up Michigan’s renewable energy standard, or RES, to 30 percent by 2025, up from the current 10 percent by 2015.

The coalition of consumer, citizens, faith, labor, and other groups praised the new proposal as a step in the right direction that will create more jobs in the growing clean energy sector.

“Clean energy is the future and we applaud the legislators behind this plan for recognizing that we cannot stand still and that we must continue to grow clean energy jobs,” said Gayle Miller, Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club legislative director, a member of ReEnergize Michigan! “Raising Michigan’s renewable energy standard will help make our state a leader in one of the fastest growing sectors in today’s economy. It will give us the tools we need to jumpstart our economy and protect our Great Lakes for generations to come.”

ReEnergize Michigan! has long called for Michigan to increase the state’s RES by creating incentives for clean, renewable energy industries, such as advanced batteries, wind and solar power. REM! also supports a range of comprehensive energy reforms, including strengthening energy efficiency programs, protecting seniors and other vulnerable people from energy shutoffs, and investing in more home weatherization programs, among others.

“Michigan has the resources and the skilled workforce to lead the nation in clean energy innovations and transform our economy, and a stronger renewable energy standard is a necessary step in the right direction,” said Clean Water Action, Michigan Policy Director, Susan Harley. “Clean Michigan energy means good-paying Michigan jobs and a stronger future for our families.”

Many states have already approved higher renewable energy standards compared with Michigan, including Colorado (20 percent by 2020), Illinois and Minnesota (both 25 percent by 2025), and California (33 percent by 2030). Maine has an RES set at a whopping 40 percent by 2017. Michigan adopted its statewide 10-percent-by-2015 RES in 2008.

“By raising our renewable energy standard, Michigan can now compete for jobs and investments with other states,” said Apollo Alliance, Michigan Coordinator, Dana Sevakis. “Michigan has already started to attract clean energy jobs and is putting our citizens back to work. Now is not the time to rest or sit on the sidelines. Now is the time to aggressively go after more jobs, and we can do that with a stronger renewable energy standard.”

“Clean renewable energy has moved from a good idea to good business, and a higher renewable energy standard is the kind of aggressive step Michigan must take to move our economy forward,” said Lisa Wozniak, Michigan Director of the Michigan league of Conservation Voters. “We urge the Legislature to support the 30-by-25 renewable energy standard and help make Michigan a magnet for clean energy jobs and investments.”


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