You know how sometimes the far right will accuse the President of attempting to ram legislation down their throats instead of listening to their feedback and involving them in a bipartisan conversation in order to pass, say, meaningful health care reform legislation? And you know how sometimes you know they’re just grandstanding about that but whatever, you make a public attempt to get them more involved so everyone can be accountable for what is said and it can all be on the public record, like, say, television?

Well what if you gave the far right a chance to voice their concerns, have their concerns addressed, and did it in an open, transparent, public forum? Do you think maybe they’d be happy?

No. No, they wouldn’t. Because getting what you want is great, unless the person giving you what you want isn’t a member of your party.

“What? It is a public dialogue about important legislation, not Little Bighorn!”

Watch, enjoy, and happy Friday, super pals.