You can’t make this stuff up, but you can certainly find out about it by taking a poll, which is what the namesake of the blog DailyKos did. Lucky for you, me, and people who believe the President was born in the United States (as his birth certificate proves), the poll is published for our perusal.

So when we call the right “out of touch,” we don’t just mean out of touch with America. We mean – and the polls bear this out – out of touch with reality.

In case you need convincing:

Do you believe ACORN stole the 2008 election?
Yes 21
No 24
Not Sure 55

A full 76 percent of self-identified Republicans believe it’s at least possible that ACORN managed to steal the election from John McCain. That’s mystifying, and begs the question: how do they afford the tinfoil for all those hats?

We also learn that 63 percent of those polled believe the President is a socialist. Of course, he must be a socialist. That’s why we have…this great…single-payer health care system? Oh. No, no we don’t.

Another 30 percent believe the President is a racist who hates white people, with an additional third joining the fold to note they don’t know. For the record, I also don’t know if Sarah Palin is shopping a coffee table book called “Cooking Caribou In The Buff,” but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Remember the old days, when there were facts? Not just the belief that birth control is abortion (it’s not abortion any more than menstruation is) or the belief that the president wants the terrorists to win standing in for fact and driving an entire, whackadoodle movement.