Check out this headline in today’s Free Press, which seemed to be lifted straight from The Onion:

Parents hopeful that statewide bake sale will boost school funds

That’s right. A bake sale to raise money for education, which is supposed to be funded by the State. A bake sale to fill the $300+ per student cuts coming down after the “Say NO” Senate has obstinately refused to consider any form of revenue increase to guarantee our kids’ education meets the same requirements the Legislature laid out a few years back. A bake sale to raise funds, something the Senate could easily do by looking past its own narrow-minded agenda and into the future.

When Majority Leader Mike Bishop looks ten years down the road, what does he see? Parents wish it were a class of talented students challenged by their teachers to invent the new Michigan. More than likely, he sees, with a smug grin, a future where there are no public schools.

If his mission is to dismantle government and public schools from the inside out, he’s doing a bang-up job. Only, if he succeeds, there will be no one left in Michigan to thank him for it ten years from now.