The Clean Energy Jobs Rally was a resounding success! Thanks to all of you who came out to show your support for Michigan’s clean energy future. There was great music and exceptional speakers throughout the day; the sun was shining AND powering the media tent, so many of you could take action by emailing Governor Jennifer Granholm to stop the Michigan coal rush.

Did you catch that? That’s right, our media tent was 100% powered by solar photovoltaic panels. We owe our thanks to the sun and
Four Energy Elements
, a fantastic Michigan based company specializing in clean energy alternatives, for capturing it.

Four Elements Energy is one of several Michigan based companies that specialize in clean energy alternatives: a few others being S.U.R. Energy Systems and Northwoods Energy Alternatives.

Four Elements Energy offers a plethora of options to reduce your carbon footprint, including solar powered panels, wind electric systems, and solar thermal systems. And the investment also saves you money! In fact, if you produce enough energy to put some back into the “grid” the energy company will owe you a credit!

It’s great that we have Four Elements Energy, and other cutting edge clean energy companies, based right here in Michigan. Not only is it easier for people to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their energy bills, but they help create jobs for our hard workers!