Gasp. Cough.  Gasp. Cough.

Recently I attended a press conference in Detroit. The press conference was outside by the side of the road. Only 30 minutes outside and my lungs were already hurting. I could feel my asthma starting to creep. It did not take a scientist to tell me what it was that was affecting me so fast – the diesel trucks passing. You could see the nasty black unfiltered smoke wafting from their exhaust pipes!

So, while I am very happy to hear that the U of M and the EPA are going to study air pollution in Detroit, I find it hard to believe that no one has yet taken action to stop one of the biggest polluters that passes through the city on a regular basis.

 Look, it’s not like the technology does not exist to clean up these diesel vehicles. I am not asking for trucks to STOP passing through Detroit! I am simply saying it’s time that someone stands up for all of us who do have asthma and would like to walk down the street without fearing an attack. Asthma suffers are not the only ones that have to worry either. Take a look at the Alliance for Healthy Air website and see how much damage old diesel technology has on us!

So, while I applaud the EPA for stepping in to conduct a study that they WILL find asthma is being caused by the many diesel trucks passing through every day, I look forward to Michigan leaders also stepping up and cleaning up Michigan’s diesel air pollution.